Book card


Image of Book card

This card is perfect for those people who love books (otherwise commonly known as bookworms). If you know somebody that enjoys reading and can’t be seen carrying around a book with them, then this is probably the perfect card for them.

The card on the outside looks like a closed book and on the inside the card looks like an open book.

Card size folded: 5.8''x3.8''or 14.5x10cm

This card has been printed on bright yellow 290gsm paper and it has a lovely texture. It comes with a colored envelope.

All cards are packaged in a plastic wrapper for protection.

All cards are shipped in a regular envelope with a cardboard backing to help ensure that no bending or folding takes place.

The card has the Venerate logo printed on the back. The card has been cut, folded and packaged by hand.

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Image of Book card Image of Book card Image of Book card Image of Book card